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How Music Inspires Creativity

Classical Music In The Park

Image by Photo Gallery via Flickr

I grew up with music and am thankful for my musical household. Of course, with my family “growing up with music” didn’t mean coming from a musically talented family, but living above a disco lounge. In thinking about my childhood I remember my brother and I putting our ears to the floor late at night to hear the sounds of the 70’s. I also have fond memories of my uncle singing into a hairbrush, my first portable radio, and my first Walkman!

A memorable quote about the link between music and creativity comes from creativity facilitator, Bill Sturner, who said, “…music cuts through and gets you to glide with it.” And, if you think about it, music really does have a way of shifting our moods. Music can make us happy, give us energy, make us cry, make us conjure images of the past…and even images of the future.

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How Flying is Conducive to Creativity

Little airplane

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When I first graduated college,  I set a goal of talking to one new person a day. This goal helped me meet many interesting people and even helped me land my first job in the field of marketing. However, as time went on, I soon fell into chatting and socializing with my familiar set of friends.

Once I started traveling for work, this all changed. A number of years ago, I was one of the top travelers in my company. In my travels I met many people. What I found interesting was of all the conversations, the most authentic and most heartfelt were the ones with seatmates on my flights. I once met a brain surgeon who was burned out and didn’t want to be a brain surgeon anymore. This surgeon shared his concern about what lifestyle changes in switching careers might mean to his family.

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Book Review: A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink

A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future

In this nonfiction work geared towards a business audience, Pink argues the age of “left-brain” dominance is giving way to “right-brain” thinkers whose minds are more akin to designers, inventors, teachers and storytellers than lawyers and MBA’s. With the coming of what Pink refers to as the Conceptual Age, the future is in the hands of creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and Read more »