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June 2, 2011

Creative Problem Solving and Trash Collection

by aliciaarnold
Big Belly Solar Compactor in Lytle Park

Image by elycefeliz via Flickr

Last week, I stopped by a local food truck for lunch. After eating, I looked around for a trash can to toss the rubbish. Typically, it is easy to spot the receptacle because it is overflowing with trash. Not this time though. As I looked around, I found a Big Belly Solar Compactor. I didn’t think much about what a solar trash compactor was because I was running late for a meeting.

Then, over the weekend, my son and I had a picnic at our local park. When we were finished with our picnic, I looked around for  someplace to throw the trash. In the distance, I spotted a trash can with piles of wrappers and food debris. Sadly, we couldn’t jam another bit of trash into the can if we tried. Rather than adding to the growing pile forming around the receptacle, my son and I looked for another trash can. We found a pristine Big Belly Solar Compactor. Problem solved.

This time, my curiosity kicked in and I decided to conduct an online search to find out more about the Big Belly Solar Compactor. I was quite happy to find a creative solution to trash collection. The innovative solar compactor uses renewable energy from the sun to compact trash. It can also:

  •  Hold 5 times more trash than a comparable trash can
  • Efficiently manage collection and crews through network monitoring capability
  • Reduce emissions with fewer trips required to collect the trash

A novel solution for a commonplace problem. Applause for applied creativity!

For more information, visit Big Belly Solar.


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